They sacrificed everything to give
us a better life.

Now, it’s our turn.

MedCare Partners has created a culturally appropriate way
to deliver better senior healthcare for our Vietnamese
and Asian members.

Caring for each member

as a family

MedCare Partners is transforming
community-based healthcare to ensure
Asian Medicare members receive the
linguistically specific and
culturally sensitive care possible.

Finding home

outside the

The “American story” does not belong to one
culture or one race.
It belongs to those who were
bold enough to seek a better life for themselves and
their families. And it carries on through those who are
open enough to accept that others want the same. 

Learn About Us

Our story began with the need to provide for the

underserved Vietnamese
and Asian community

and continues as we reinvent the future of culturally appropriate
through an integrated health delivery system that
understands our population’s unique needs and provides the
services they deserve—all while making them feel at home.

Enhancements that combine

Eastern philosophies &
Western medicine.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs

Covered herbal supplements and culturally relevant OTC products you are familiar with and are valuable to you.

Culturally Specific Providers

A comprehensive network of providers who speak your language, understand your needs and help coordinate all your care—from hospital and nursing home to in-home health.

In-Home Services

Specialized multilingual, multidisciplinary home health services, including home X-rays.

Behavioral Health

A robust network with psychiatrists and psychologists from your community who understand cultural behavior nuances.


Secure and convenient door-to-door transportation services from home to doctor’s appointments with drivers who speak your language.

Large Network

Extensive and growing provider network of more than 6,000 healthcare providers, including highly recognized providers in your community.

Become a member of the

MedCare Partners family.

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